You have made your appointment for your first acupuncture session, now what? Each practitioner does things differently. I will send you a confirmation with your appointment date and time, details about parking, paperwork, and any other details that may be pertinent to you. You arrive to your first session with your completed paperwork in hand. You have a seat in the waiting room. The waiting room consists of three comfortable chairs, some magazines and books, and a station to get water or hot tea. While you are sitting in the waiting room, I am getting a new file ready for you and going through the details of your paperwork, and likely taking note of some things. After about ten minutes, I bring you back to one of the two treatment rooms. Each treatment room has a desk, two chairs, a sink,a treatment table, and a shelving unit for acupuncture supplies. The treatment table will have clean sheets and a pillow.

Your first visit for an acupuncture session will take just under two hours. Subsequent visits will take a total of one hour. During your first visit, we will spend about forty minutes talking while sitting in our chairs. We will discuss your treatment goals, as well as your medical and social history. After the first forty minutes, you will have an opportunity to use the restroom. This completes the first phase the comprehensive initial intake. You will then rest clothed on the treatment table. Depending on your symptoms, I will palpate different areas on your body, ask more questions, and listen to pulses. What kind of pulses, you ask? That is for another future blog!

You are now settled on the table, and we will begin treatment. I will guide you through the process. Should I need access to any places on your body that require disrobing, you will be given privacy and a sheet to drape yourself. With alcohol, I clean each decided point to be treated. I will have you inhale deeply, and on your exhale, I will insert the first disposable one-use sterilized needle. Each treatment varies, as to how many points will be treated. Some needles are retained for some time, others are taken out quickly after they are inserted. This depends on my treatment principles in that particular session. You will have some rest time on the treatment table, and during this time I will leave you by yourself. I will come back in twenty minutes or so later, and take out any remaining needles. I will then listen to pulses again. Treatment is now complete, and you will be on your way to take the effects of treatment with you for the the rest of the week!